4 Unique Attractions in West Palm Beach

Visitors to West Palm Beach will want to check out these local offerings for fun or unusual things to do during their stay.

Ragtops Automobile Museum

Classic car enthusiasts won’t want to miss the Ragtops Automobile Museum, which features an array of unique cars, special interest pieces, and authentic automobile memorabilia. Vintage car fans can browse through the 10,000 square foot museum, which features many interactive exhibits, plus dozens of specialty automobiles.

Ragtops Automobile Museum is also host throughout the year to many events, including traveling car shows and temporary displays, and visitors can learn many details about specific vintage models that the museum has on display.

Kravis Center for the Performing Arts

Lovers of art and culture will want to visit the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts. As the center for the local performing arts community, it has hosted many famous performances, renown shows and high profile acts. Check the Kravis Center’s calendar at the time of your visit, and you’re likely to find several outstanding options for your entertainment. If you’re looking for a romantic date night while you’re in West Palm Beach, a performance at the Kravis Center will make an excellent choice.

Grassy Waters Nature Preserve

If you’ve never visited the local wetlands, you have to check out the Grassy Waters Nature Preserve. Encompassing a 30 square mile area of West Palm Beach, the nature preserve is not only a local attraction, but it also is the primary provider of fresh water to the area.

You can take in the hands-on interactive exhibits provided for visitors, and tour the grounds and facilities. Homeschooling families and school groups won’t want to miss the opportunity to learn about the area’s wetlands and its history at the visitor’s center. The center also offers public education programs, and guests are free to use the several miles of trails that wind through the landscape of the preserve.

Jim Abernethy’s Scuba Adventures

If you enjoy scuba diving or you’ve always wanted to try it, Jim Abernethy’s Scuba Adventures is a fun attraction. In addition to offering training programs, certifications, or various classes based on the person’s experience level or needs, Abernethy’s can also provide simple local dives to nearby dive sites. If you’re looking for a more intense dive, there are live aboard options on their state of the art dive ship, where you can take a multiple-day cruise, dive every day, and enjoy onboard pampering.

These four at

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tractions are just four of the many opportunities that await visitors in West Palm Beach, Florida.